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Having worked in a corporate environment in Amsterdam for over 4 years, I understand first-hand the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.  Supporting your employees to lead healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyles will help to improve their productivity and engagement at work.


A happy and healthy workforce can in return provide a wealth of benefits for any business:

  • Boost in productivity 

  • Increases staff engagement 

  • Encourages a happy and healthy culture 

  • Reduces employee stress 

  • Reduces sick days 

  • Attracts new talent to the business 

  • Higher levels of job satisfaction

My coaching services are best suited to SME’s so that every employee can benefit from the information and support offered.


Services are completely tailored to the needs of the business and its employees - conversations and surveys can be carried out ahead of working together to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone. 

Holistic Health Coach
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