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"When you nourish your body with pure energy, you transform from the inside out."

Bali Detox Retreat


... yourself in the tranquil beauty of Bali as you embark on a transformative journey of detoxification, holistic healing, and rejuvenation.

Our retreat is thoughtfully designed to offer you the space as well as the tools needed to experience clarity, high levels of energy, and restore a sense of wholeness.

Let go of unhealthy habits by enjoying a daily routine of self-care, reflection, and love through silent morning meditations, invigorating workouts, and therapeutic massages.


… your body to cleanse itself of unwanted toxic buildup by indulging in an abundance of nutrient-packed tropical fruits, smoothies, and whole foods.

Connect with like-minded individuals while participating in illuminating workshops offering you simple methodologies to help you thrive in your everyday life. 

Come home feeling lighter, more energetic, and mentally focused, able to apply the newfound knowledge and awareness to achieve sustained well-being.

Fruit & Detox Retreat Bali

The offering

Fruit & Detox Retreat Bali

7 days designed to heal, nourish, and celebrate life

With the intention of coming together and expanding our knowledge about the very system that supports us, here’s what you can expect throughout this retreat:

  • Silent Sunrise Meditations

  • Creative and invigorating morning sessions (Yoga, Pilates, HIIT)

  • Nourishing breakfasts with unlimited seasonal fruits and juices

  • Daily workshops on holistic nutrition, gut health and detox

  • Lunches with an abundance of tropical fruits and smoothies

  • Therapeutic lymphatic massage sessions

  • Waterfall and forest hikes

  • Evening movement and stretching workshops

  • Dinners with whole, raw foods and salads

  • Plenty of free time is woven into the retreat, allowing space for reading, exploring, or simply being


Nestled among awe-inspiring Indonesian scenery, the sustainably designed bungalows at Bali Eco Stay afford plenty of privacy and space, even while sharing. Engage with nature's symphony and awaken to the whisper of mountain streams and the pure, cleansing air of the jungle.

choose your stay

  • Option 1: Single bed in shared twin room in a two-bedroom bungalow – €1350

  • Option 2: Private room with large double bed in a two-bedroom bungalow  – €1590 –  €1350 for couples

  • Option 3: Private bungalow with large double bed – €1750   - ONLY 2 REMAINING -

*Price is inclusive of all meals, daily activities, a 1 hour massage p.p., and transfers from/to the airport. 

**This retreat is limited to 12 participants in order to offer everyone an equally beautiful experience and ensure personalised attention.

“The tender touch of the breeze, the symphony of the mountain streams, and the vibrancy of nature’s palette come together to create the canvas of your self-discovery.”

Previous retreat love

Read what attendees of our previous retreats say about us.

Yoga Retreat Testimnonials
Natascha Alexopoulou

The Holistic Realignment retreat in July 2021 was my first yoga retreat ever so I knew little of what to expect. Mirka and Efsevios did an amazing job and completely blew me away with the location, the balanced but exciting daily schedules, their deep engagement in the group and their radiating love and passion. 

Yoga Retreat Testimnonials
Izzy Sayers

The retreat with Holistic Realignment was a truly special experience. Everything was arranged with such careful thought - you could really feel all of the love that was put into it. Everything was top notch - from the beautiful accommodation, to the diverse program, to the amazing food. I felt I could really relax because I didn't have to worry about anything which is really special - as an adult you don't get this luxury very often! Seb & Mirka are also such gorgeous, warm, welcoming people - they are really what sets this retreat apart from others. If you're thinking about joining any of their retreats, don't hesitate - do it!

Yoga Retreat Testimnonials
Lara Hochhalter

The Holistic Realignment yoga retreat at Pelion Homes was the first retreat I've attended and I'm sure it will be very hard to beat! Mirka and Efsevios did an awesome job making us feel like home within the beautiful nature and creating a wonderful experience from this week together! The yoga sessions were powerful and energising, leaving enough room to grow and discover yourself. Also the afternoon activities like going to a beach, hiking or climbing up waterfalls were amazing and something really special to enjoy with our group. The food was incredibly good and made with so much love! I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful week and I would highly recommend anyone to have this experience aswell!

Bali Detox Retreat

frequently asked Questions

What's the weather like in Bali in February?

February is a time of gentle rainfall and warm embrace in Bali. With temperatures averaging 26°C (79°F), the land is lush and alive. Light, comfortable clothing is ideal. There is a 22% chance of a perfect sunny day and a 78% chance of seeing some clouds, with on average 113mm of rainfall this month. The occasional rain offers a reminder of nature’s cycle, so bring a light rain jacket or umbrella.

Are we going to eat only fruits during the retreat?

For breakfast and lunch you will be able to enjoy unlimited, seasonal, tropical fruits (including fresh durian), coconut water, and freshly made juices. In the evenings we will also enjoy a delicious salad buffet and decadent, savory, raw vegan meals.

What should I bring with me to the retreat?

  1. Light, comfortable clothing for yoga and movement sessions

  2. A light rain jacket

  3. Personal yoga mat (optional, as they are provided)

  4. Journal for reflection and notes

  5. Comfortable footwear for excursions

  6. Swimwear for natural pools

  7. A towel or two

  8. Headlamp

  9. Least possible plastic & NO WASTE

see you in bali

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