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Holistic realignment
Services & Programs

I trust in the unique, creative, and powerful individual that you are. A magnificently intelligent organism containing the knowledge to heal, balance, and thrive. Using the power of detoxification and naturopathy, the potency of living foods, and the energy of our psychosomatic bodies, my priority is to accompany you on the path towards clarity, harmony, and lasting revitalization. Burnouts, poor diet, stress, unexpressed emotions, and even our physical environment create an accumulation of toxins in the digestive, lymphatic, and renal systems, preventing them from functioning properly. Over the years, this accumulation becomes an obstruction and a real source of imbalance for the body. Thus, the door opens to immune fragility, disease, and even emotional and psychological disorders. These programmes hold at their core the scientific evidence and knowledge that regeneration, true healing, and overall health will be achieved through the elimination of mucogenic foods in combination with subtle, healthy daily routines. Following a complete metabolic assessment, we work together to establish a personalised plan that will not only give you the results you want but will also provide you with the tools necessary to cultivate and maintain a life of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and abundance!

Holistic Health Coach

Discover what true health feels like for you, get clarity on your plan of action, and support with creating the life you desire. We may focus on:

  • Building healthier habits

  • Finding joy in every moment

  • Discovering your true passion

  • Body, mind, and soul alignment


  • Experiencing clarity, energy, and focus

  • Strengthening your connection with nature

This three-month programme is designed to support you in discovering and realigning your passion, values, actions, and mission in order to create the life you desire. Together we design a tailor-made coaching and nutrition program using naturopathy, holistic therapies and alkaline forming foods, while co-creating a safe space for you to become aware and overcome any behavioural or emotional hurdles. This 3 month support offers you the time, strategy and mentorship needed so that you can implement what you are committed to creating! 

Holistic Realignment

Corporate Wellbeing & group coaching 

As your Corporate Wellness Partner, I work with your HR team or Wellness Coordinator to design a program that fits your corporate culture. I offer speaking, educational workshops, lunch and learns, teleclasses, as well as 1-1 and group coaching on an as-needed or ongoing basis.

Create a customized wellness program for your company

Holistic Nutrition

If you're not sure which program is right for you, I invite you to schedule a

15 minute complimentary discovery call.

This call is designed for you to understand more about each service and to see if we are the right fit to work together.

*Discounts available for students and unemployed

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